Here are some choice pictures of Arete West in action ---



photo # 1  students study about Rome on way to Italy from Greece




photo # 2  Arete students stand with Agamemnon in his throne room at Mycenae with plain of Argos before them





photo # 3  a good time by the ancient pyramids in Egypt the day after visiting "Tafrir Square" in Cairo






photo # 4  Arete lass reads from Mr. Taylor's book, "Athenian Odyssey", before the Parthenon in Athens, Greece










Every other year, Ross Valley Rotary member and Drake High School track coach, Bill Taylor takes a group of high school students to Europe. The students come to a regular lunch meeting and they each describe what he or she expects from the trip. The students select various destinations throughout Europe that interest them and Bill then teaches a year long class which covers the history, culture and art of the areas to be visited. Ross Valley Rotary raises funds to supplement those raised by the students themselves for their trip. The students then return to a regular meeting to report on their trip.